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2 Responses

  1. Barbara Ann Williams says:

    I am not well versed, however, you do not need to change a thing about yourself. We are what we are, it is our genes, our DNA, our environment, our lifestyle, this is what makes us who we are. I accepted the way I am a long time ago as well as you have. All we have to do is strive for the best we can be and if there are people out there that do not understand how compassionate and caring we are under all the layers…it is okay.

    • Jill says:

      Hi Barbara!
      I have to say that while I think we are who we are to a certain degree, we are still able to grow and change no matter how old we are fortunate enough to become. My point is that I am interested in knowing from others the things that I cannot see for myself that I might change to become a better, kinder, more complete person. My post was really looking at how uncomfortable others are with feedback of any kind, even if it can be helpful and create room for growth and improvement. I think we are living in an age where “good enough” is the comfort level. I just think we can do better. I believe we should ask those around us who love and know us to share their ideas and suggestions on how we can be stronger, gentler, nicer people. To expect others to accept us for who we are is all well and good if we are at least making an effort to grow and improve. We can change if we want to change.

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