Who Do You See?

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2 Responses

  1. Chad says:

    In the faux-curmudgeon’s case, I imagine the “tender brisket” of his core being is protected in a dried-mud psychological layer, like an ancient artifact but not so precious. The unused nature of the creative side, sort of always around, on jack-stands in tall grass with the wheels off, gathers debris to it–prejudice, rage, injustice, pain, frustration. All this is a created barrier which, if done right, will protect the fragile artifact until it can be properly unearthed. The problem is, if it gets too covered over, you can’t find it again. Creativity and identity are as slippery as the Lost Ark of the Covenant, in that case.

    • Jill says:

      Such detailed imagery here – the amount of thought that has gone into the subject is quite impressive. The psychological fear that has trapped the “faux-curmudgeon” is a very powerful and destructive force. Stepping outside of one’s broom closet I think is the first of many tiny steps toward change. What is at the core of the fear? Would it kill? Isn’t that really the only thing to fear…pain is worse? Hmm.

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