How Changing I to We Improves Life

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2 Responses

  1. slats says:

    Yes I need to meditate. I must make myself. Research has shown so many benefits. But how do you begin when one has no energy or desire to do so. I know it’s a choice, but the “I don’t care brain is so strong” . Like right now it’s 1:30am , I could be meditating or sleeping but I’m just not tired and don’t even want to try meditating. I keep thinking “I should ” and I KNOW the results would be positive so why can’t I crossover??? It’s a NO BRAINER!

    • Jill says:

      The bottom line is, as you have stated, -it’s a choice. Perhaps your reasons for not doing it need to be looked at. Why do you resist it? What reasons do you provide for ignoring the understanding that you are choosing NOT to do something that could potentially improve your mind? The lack of energy is not really an excuse because meditating takes very little energy – unlike exercising your body, it is actually a way to rest your mind. Desire is the other thing in question. What do you tell yourself about meditation that keeps you from choosing it? You resist it for a reason. Try to think about that.

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