Take A Risk

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2 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    So to quote you, “So, I do not take risks. I take opportunities. That is how I will define it.” I love that! I will enjoy more opportunities than using the “negative “risk” word.
    I never thought about the way you describe risk…..with the hopes that it will go a certain way ….was it a risk at all? hmmmmm Risk to me has fear, it’s dangerous, and there’s the vulnerability and susceptibility and although it is dangerous and full of fear, there is and should be the hope of gaining something, whether financial, acceptance, security or even peace/joy or freedom of something or someone. But I think the word Opportunity rather than risk changes the whole mind/brain game. I think I would have to decide whether it is time to risk or a time to open the door to see who is knocking. But I am weighing on the door. Thanks for opening my door to new opportunities and helping me along the way when the door is sometimes difficult to open. Really enjoyed your blogs. Thanks

    • Jill says:

      Linda, you have never shied from taking opportunities! You have answered the door so many times and keep going back for more. You have always impressed me as a person who believes in “nothing ventured, nothing gained!” I wonder if you like this post because it supports exactly what you have repeatedly practiced since I first met you and the way it is framed here shines a light on your irrepressible sense of adventure and thirst for opportunity. I am delighted that you read and enjoyed the posts. I hope you will come back for more!

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