Choosing a Perspective

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  1. slats says:

    Wow! How are you able to identify this in your friend? It appears you are very perceptive. It sounds like you have been a great friend and hopefully she is able to ask herself questions and identify what it is that she needs or what she is lacking to become content perhaps resulting in joy and happiness. Although you mentioned you have posted the question to her before of what contentment meant to her, perhaps she does not know how to or where to begin. Some questions are very difficult to answer for people and while the same questions seem to be very basic/simple to others.
    When she is swimming in that hard and fast current, she must become very tired at times and even though the island is near, it sounds like she just doesn’t see any land at all. Ironically you use the word “anchor”, what anchors her, I bet she feels while she is swimming she is dragging an anchor. It also appears that you just might have been a piece of land for her where she take a rest and gather her strength to continue the swim. I congratulate you on being a friend and a caring one. I’m sure she appreciates and is very grateful.

    • Jill says:

      Interesting! Are you the same slats who has no spoon or shovel to begin with yourself? Your insight in this response to my post is quite rich. I think you are absolutely right. The simplicity of a question can be very relative. Thanks for the good feedback.

  2. Chad says:

    I dig the fact that you’re asking questions that most people answer using platitudes and social summations. In order to find anything worth hanging on to, a body needs to peel back the skin. That this hurts is simply the by-product of self-reflection. Most people don’t wanna peel, since they don’t know how to repair the damage it causes. Doesn’t seem like you’re the type to be much worried about that, so I heartedly approve.

    FYI, I’m throwing in my old blog which sort of spiraled into a deep-water death years ago. It’s interesting and slightly embarrassing in spots for its earnestness, but you may find it of interest as you move forward on your blog and wonder what others were struggling with at similar points in time.

    • Jill says:

      Thank you Chad! I agree that “peeling back the skin” can be uncomfortable, especially if that callous is a meter thick, but self-reflection is necessary. No one can better him or herself simply by repeating the same old routine without evaluating its effectiveness. Why does admitting weakness make people so terribly afraid? I am going to leave here and take a look at what has to be a very interesting blog. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!

  3. Bablofil says:

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